Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Blog Entry 1

I grew up on Disney films. Yes, Disney films. Unfortunately it wasn’t until later in life that I discovered that the fun, adventurous films I so dearly loved were not actually originally created by my hero, Mr. Walt Disney. Though I loved – and still love – Disney’s interpretations of the Grimm fairytales, it never occurred to me that I could actually analyze and study the ways in which they were different and similar to the originals. So of course, when I discovered that this particular FYS was available, I was thrilled! Not only am I excited about learning the history of the Brothers Grimm and their fairytales, I am also eager to take a class in which I can study both literature and film as they both are main interests of mine.

Unfortunately, I have not read many Grimm fairytales – something I very much want to change – therefore thinking of a favorite is somewhat of a challenge. However, the most memorable in my mind is, no doubt, Cinderella. As a kid, not only was I surprised at how different it was from the film adaptation that I was so familiar with, I was shocked and even horrified by the gruesome images and overall sad trajectory. Though it scared me, Cinderella was not a tale I could easily forget, what with the dismissive father and bloody glass slippers.

Looking at the evolution and reinterpretations of these timeless stories will undoubtedly help to shed light on cultural and social environments from which they were bred.

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