Sunday, September 21, 2014

Blog Entry 4

Is it really possible, as it was in Cinderella’s case, to go from “rags to riches?” Well of course it’s possible, but unfortunately not with the help of something as convenient as a Fairy Godmother. In the real world, we ourselves, in a sense, have to take on that role and actually fight in order to get there. Our kindness won’t help us but rather our will power.

Cinderella was pretty darn lucky to receive as much help as she did from her Godmother and gang of furry and feathered friends. For, if it hadn’t been for them, she never would have made it to the kingdom’s royal ball at all, and therefore never meet her true love. When we read her story as kids, we find ourselves cheering her on, praying that she get a happy ending. Now, though we still side with her, we find ourselves already assuming that she does and sometimes even become quite jealous. Why can’t our lives be that simple?! As kids, we believed in the magic that aided our hero, but as we grew older, we came to discover that the story of Cinderella is extremely unrealistic. But is it…?

Perhaps we take the word magic a little too seriously. As I said before, it is most certainly possible for one to go from the bottom to the top, but that magic we wish would occur is actually something we produce ourselves.

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