Sunday, December 7, 2014

Final Entry

Not gonna lie, when I found out I would be taking this class I thought it was going to consist mainly of watching Disney movies and reading page long stories. But I was SO wrong and this class turned out to be a completely different and awesome experience! Little did I know that fairytales weren’t all about cute animals, the rule of threes, and handsome men with good voices, but rather a whole lot more in terms of maturity. Never did I expect the tales to hold so many hidden meanings related to sexuality, abuse, and even psychology.

Looking back at all of my blog entries for this class, I was surprised by what I picked up on but, then again, not surprised that I missed a ton of stuff. This class, of course, helped with that and despite these fairly vague entries I feel that I have developed a strong understanding of the class’s topic.

I think the best part of this class was simply the discussions we had. While we would sometimes get off topic (no complaints – they were fun!) we mostly stayed focused and the openness of these discussions definitely helped in understanding the material. Another part of this class I liked was the end-of-term project where we taught a particular fairytale to a group of kids at the Boys & Girls Club and the middle school down the road. While the Boys & Girls Club was fun, I did find teaching at the school more organized and therefore easier/les stressful. The kids were far more interested in what we were teaching them which also made the experience more fun and fulfilling.

At the beginning of the course back in August and September, I was slightly overwhelmed because of the fast pace and level of difficulty of the class. Like I said I naively expected it to be an “easy A,” but over the course of the first semester, I discovered how laid back, while still passionate about the subject, Dr. Esa was and how much he cared about us feeling comfortable and succeeding and I began to feel more confident that I could do well in his class. What also helped was the enthusiasm of my fellow classmates and, of course, peer mentor. Without this enthusiastic vibe, I’m sure the class wouldn’t have been nearly as enjoyable!

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