Sunday, October 5, 2014

Blog Entry 6

Okay, I hate naming names so I'm just going start off by simply saying that I read a number of different blogs from this class and enjoyed seeing what different people had to say.  I found myself both agreeing and disagreeing with people about certain things. I thought it was especially interesting to see what everyone considered to be the definition of a fairytale. I really enjoyed reading a particular blog where the writer related her definition to a cooking recipe. I thought it was a very creative way to get her point across and certainly got my attention as it was so unlike any of the other posts.

There was another person in the class who's entries were short but concise. Though I would have loved to hear more from him, I thought he made clear what his point was. There was another writer whose blogs I found to be extremely entertaining to read. Not only were they playful and conversational, but also very incisive. Of all of her posts, I most enjoyed her first where she expressed her interest in the class in a narrative similar to that of an actual fairytale.

Picking a favorite of all the blogs in the class isn't necessarily something I can do as I really liked them all. I thought each was different and everyone brought their own styles to their entries. I'll even admit that I enjoyed the pictures as well even though I didn't include any myself.

Overall, I think that everyone has done a really good job writing up these entries. There are a few people who, it seemed, are missing some and one person who I didn't find at all, but for everything that I could read, I thought was really good. And I'm not "just saying that…"

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